Alchemy Unscented Wheat Free Conditioner

For people with scalp or wheat senitivities. If your scalp suffers irritation, such as itching and discomfort after washing with regular haircare products, then you may have a sensitive scalp, which needs more gentle, pampering care.

Alchemy Unscented Wheat Free Conditioner is wheat free & deeply soothing to not only moisturise hair but also comforts even the most fragile scalps with a gentle blend of ingredients straight from nature's healing garden.

It's rich, moisture-locking formulation of certified organic shea butter and Australian avocado hydrates the hair and genly nourishes the scalp, while a clever blend of macadamia and jojoba oils, added antioxidants, vitamin B5 and oat protein (GMO free) deeply penetrate to fortify the hair for increased manageability and strength. Mild yet effective, Alchemy Unscented Wheat Free Conditioner will leave your scalp calm and your hair shining with vibrancy and health. Although primarily made for people with sensitivities it is really ieal for all people who want a conditioner that is unscented and that also combats frizz.

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