Basic and Initial Steps in Planning Bridal Showers

Traditional bridal showers are a bride’s opportunity to celebrate with female friends and family and friends before getting married. It is also an occasion for the bride to be to receive personal and useful stuff that she need as she leaves her single life and be a young wife. The occasion is often a very feminine and intimate celebration hosted by the future bride’s sister, best friend, or auntie.

Modern Times

Traditional practices do change over the years, modern times and lifestyles have changed brides to be older, more mature and more independent both socially and financially. The main purpose of traditional practices of assisting the bride in setting up their new home became less important as the emphasis is focused on girl-talk and fellowship.

Importance of Bridal Showers

Today’s bridal showers vary from different regions and different social groups. Aside from these differences it is also changing in many social circles and areas. The practice of multiple showers is becoming quite common, either held by the family, co-workers, and others. A bachelorette party for some is equally as important as the showers, and are also anticipated and planned with greater attention.

Initial Planning

The first important thing to do is to decide who will be the host of the bridal shower. Traditionally it is the bride’s maid of honor who hosts such events with some assistance from the bridesmaids. However, lately, it already has become popular for other individuals to be also involved in the planning and a bride sometimes have several bridal showers.

Overall Party Theme

The shower’s theme is another important aspect of planning and should get careful consideration. Choosing the right theme reflects the bride’s overall personality. Choosing a lingerie party theme for a bride who is shy is certainly not appropriate, rather a beach themed shower may be a better idea. The party’s theme is essential because it affects crucial items like favors, decorations, and even the games.

Proper Time Planning

Perfect timing is another important factor when planning such showers. The shower party should be held close to the final wedding date, but also not too close to make sure the wedding preparations are not disturbed. This is why it’s not appropriate having bridal showers, two weeks right before the final wedding date.

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