Before, During, and After Eyelash Extensions

The application, process, and maintenance of eyelash extensions are complex in nature, and only the experts can do it in the most proper way. This service is usually offered at day spas and beauty salons. There are also special tools and equipment involved in this type of beautification service, as well as procedure time.

Thorough Research

While you wish to undergo eyelash extensions, it is always proper to make a thorough research. Finding a reputable salon to do such service could be a daunting task, considering the numerous salons and spas around. Ask from trusted friends and relatives if they know any reliable lash artist, one who is a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Consultations are also normally free of charge.

Do What the Artist Tells You

Before an eyelash extension procedure, the artist will advise you on important things such as what to avoid before going through such service. During an eyelash extension procedure, it is very important to listen to your eyelash artist. Such service involves complex procedures and following the artist’ instructions are equally important. The artist will normally ask you to relax during the procedure. By doing so, the entire application will go smoothly as expected.

What Not to Do?

There are several things that you should avoid doing after your eyelash extensions. It is a big no-no that you wet your lashes between 24 and 48 hours after the application. Avoid going to a hot yoga or a steam room because the adhesive may reactivate. Moreover, prevent any moisture-rich product application onto your lashes like heavy creams and conditioner as these products may cause the bond to loosen up. It is also essential to keep your natural eyelash in a healthy condition by applying an eyelash growth serum, allowing the eyelashes to stay in the hair follicle longer. Thus, the extensions will have a stronger support system.

What to Do?

Your eyelash artist will advise you to reshape your extensions after every shower, by combing them, fanning them out or blow drying set in a ‘cool’ mode. It is also important to resist yourself from pulling your extensions. Excessive touching, brushing, picking, or twisting your extensions can damage not only the extensions, but also the natural eyelashes. If you feel the urge to discontinue your extensions, it is but sensible to go back to your artist and have it removed professionally. Otherwise, have fun with it since eyelash extensions are very versatile and allow you to style it differently through additional eyelash services.

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