Clairol Nice n Easy Root Touch Up

Most women who colour their hair reapply colour every six to eight weeks - whether at home or at a salon. But halfway between colourings, roots inevitably peek through - causing frustration, embarrassment and annoyance that lasts until the next colour application. Not anymore!

Clairol Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up™ is an innovative new product from Clairol that is designed to cover root regrowth and greys that show through around the parting, forehead and temples midway through the haircolour cycle.

The best news is the quick fix solution really is a quick and easy fix. Root Touch Up™ uses a no-drip formula that gives permanent coverage in just ten minutes. And everything you need, including a mixing tray, gloves and the specially designed applicator brush, is included in the pack.

The unique colour-matching formula in Root Touch Up™ can be used on any ‘natural’ base colour. This means that whichever brand of hair colour you use, Root Touch Up™ will give you seamlessly blended colour.

Clairol Nice’n Easy Root Touch Up™ is available in 11 shades from blonde through to black and can be purchased at supermarkets and pharmacies. RRP $11.99
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