Define the Shine with ISO Color Preserve serum

Take the colour plunge with ISO's salon professional i.color line and ISO's Color Preserve hair care regimen. Go ahead and indulge in the rich reds and bold blondes and brunettes of i.color, knowing that you can protect and preserve your hair colour longer with ISO Color Preserve Serum to seal the colour and define the shine.

Dynamic hair colour begins with i.color, containing Triplex C, which conditions the hair during the coloring process and creates a smooth, highly reflective shiny cuticle. In addition, ISO's exclusive Triactive Technology, a combination of vitamins, proteins and moisturisers, ensures hair naturally holds onto the colour longer.

ISO Color Preserve maintains vibrant colour between coloring services with Solar-Seal 3, a blend of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that protects against damaging free radicals which lead to fading; ultraviolet (UV) protectants that condition and guard against UV-caused colour fade; and silicones that improve shine and comb-through, seal in moisture and soften hair.

Keep your hair colour looking vibrant - never brassy - between services by following the Color Preserve regimen:
· Color Preserve Serum, a protective serum that seals and extends the life of hair colour with full-spectrum UV protectants while guarding against heat damage and adding lustrous surface shine.

Innovative Styling Options (ISO) has earned a reputation as the preeminent leader in the texture industry via cutting-edge technology and prescriptive-based texturising products.

ISO has built a heritage on finding innovative solutions for every hair type. ISO Explore Your Options.

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