Dove Colour Care Therapy

Damage-free hair retains colour for longer, which is why the experts at Dove created NEW Dove Colour Care Therapy to repair damage and lock in colour for twice as long*.

Dove Colour Care Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner:
Suitable for hair that has been damaged during the colouringprocess.

The Dove Colour Care Therapy System:
Contains Dove’s Advanced Repairing Serum, made up ofmillions of micro particles that use Damage SensorTechnology to repair hair damage and help lock in colour.

Repairs hair damage and helps to seal in colour to preventit from leaking out with every wash.

Dove Colour Care Shampoo gently cleanses hair withoutstripping hair of essential moisturisers.

Dove Colour Care Conditioner leaves hair in great condition and with vibrant glossy colour that lasts.

Dove Colour Care Therapy
RRP: $5.99 / 300ml

NEW Dove Colour Care Therapy is available in supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.
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