Dove Heat Defence Therapy range

The innovative new Dove Heat Defence Therapy range, featuring a shampoo, conditioner and mist, offers a heat protection system that prepares hair for heat treatment and protects it as it is styled, leaving women free to enjoy beautiful healthy hair without all the damage - whatever their styling routine.

How the System works:

Every product in the new range contains Dove's revolutionary patented serum with Heat Shield technology.Made up of millions of tiny droplets, the serum coats each hair strand in a protective film, dissipating the heatand reducing the temperature experienced by hair during styling and thus helping prevent the hair shaft from"cooking".

Step 1: Wash and care
Start the heat protection process by washing and conditioning hair withDove Heat Defence Therapy shampoo and conditioner - this protects hairand makes it more resilient to heat.

Step 2: Pre-style
Before blow drying spray wet hair with Dove's Protect & Shine Mist toshield it from the heat of a hairdryer.

Step 3: Style and shape
Once hair is dry, spray again with the Mist before further heat treatmentand then make the most important decision of all …. poker straight orbed-head waves?

"The unique formulation of Dove Heat Defence Therapy prepares and protects hair from heat styling. It helpsmaintain the moisture levels in the hair shaft and prevent the weakening of the hair structure, so women canembrace their normal styling routine without fear of damaging their hair," says Ruth Muller, Research &Development Manager for Dove Therapy.

Dove Heat Defence Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner, RRP: $5.99
Dove Heat Defence Therapy Heat Activated Protect & Shine Mist, RRP: $7.99
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