Give your Dad a Lush Father's Day

Super Dad Bath Bomb

Not all heroes wear capes

From now on, whenever there are people who need pampering, it won't be a job for plain, ordinary water... It will be a job for guaiac wood and sandalwood and the sweet, woody, smoky scent they create.
Olibanum oil calms the spirits so that every man of steel finds time to relax too. Seek out those who have lifted you up and deserve a thank you; this super, fizzing bomb is made for them.

RRP: $6.95

* Available in store and online from 17th August to 3rd September, 2017

Stairway to Heaven Soap

Rock me Daddy-O

NEW to the collection, there's no need to wonder, this all star line-up of bergamot, star fruit and rose is sure to have Dad rocking out in the bathroom!
Uplifting bergamot and cananga oils will give him the X factor, while soothing rose absolute adds a mellow note to his suds to keep him chill.

RRP: $7.50

Modfather Bubble Bar

The ace face of bathing

Forget third class tickets! This big wheel of refreshing Brazilian orange oil is for the snappiest dressers and most discerning of bathers. Slip off the inch wide tie, head away from the numbers and crumble this ace bar under running water.
Luxuriously fragrant citrus bubbles, tailor-made to revive your senses, will burst out. It might not be scooter-powered, but you'll definitely want to roll with it.

RRP $7.95

Smuggler's Soul Shampoo Bar

For illicitly good hair

This poignant, smoky perfume speaks of dangerous journeys into the modern sandalwood market underpinned by smuggling and violence.
Chunks of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter add hydration and softness to the hair, while rosewood balances and cares for the scalp. A touch of cleansing lemongrass oil offers shine and a deliciously sharp note to an entoxicating sandalwood heart.

RRP: $15.50

Dirty Styling Cream

Free Stylin'

Fix up, look sharp! Style your way to smooth, textured hair that smells incredibly sexy. Dapper hair is just a dab of organic illipe butter and suave sandalwood away.
PVP and Japan wax are pros when it comes to freestylin' - they'll whip your hair into shape, and keep it there! But, to stop it getting too
hardcore organic illipe and Fair Trade organic cocoa butters condition and hydrate.

RRP: $19.95

Dirty Shaving Cream

How was it for you?

Whether you're the clean shaven type or prefer things rough and ready, your skin is in safe hands with oat milk and a tincture of
Lashings of thick shea butter and creamy oat milk come together to soothe the complexion, while honey, a natural humectant, helps your skin attract and retain moisture. Enigmatic sandalwood and lavender to treat the senses to a forbidden romp in the woodlands.

RRP: $14.95 100g

LUSH you dad this Father's Day - he deserves it!

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