Hair Bungee

Fed up with using packs of bobby pins and multiple hair bands to create the latest celebrity red carpet or catwalk hairstyles?

The industry secret is out! Hook yourself up with the newest hair innovation to hit Australia- the hair bungee!

International celebrity hair and makeup artist, Dale Dorning brings the hair bungee genius to Australia.

"Hair Bungees are now a must-have in my hair kit," says Dale. "They are easy to use, fuss-free and help me to create the perfect hairstyle every time. We though it was time to bring this fantastic product to both the Australian consumer and professional hairdresser."

Unlike regular hair elastics that are shaped in a ring, hair bungees are a single piece of specialized elastic with hooks on both ends. You simple hook one end of the budgee into your hair, wrap around the ponytail and fasten with the other hook. A simple and effective concept in one unique product.

Hair bungee lets you wrap and unwrap your hair without pulling, snagging or tugging: just one of the reasons why it is favoured among many of the world's leading celebrity hair and makeup artists.

Hair bungee is ideal for:
Creating up-styles
Achieving smooth and sleek natural ponytails
Creating polished hairstyles with minimal effort
Thick, curly or unruly hair.

"Start every up do with a ponytail- it provides a strong base for any style. I like to use bands with hooks on the ends (like Bungee Bands) to secure the tail- they hook into your hair and keep them from sliding out like normal elastics"- Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves, Seventeen Magazine.

Available in 3 shades- Black, Blonde and Brown to ensure easy colour matching.
Hair Bungee 4 pack RRP: $4.99
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Review: Easy to use, strong elastic, perfect for creating the perfect ponytail. Try it on kids too, lasts all day.
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