Hair Extension Procedure – Extension Systems and Bonding Methods

People who desire to have fullness and instant length to their natural tresses, a hair extension procedure is the best option. However, it is proper to assess if the existing, natural hair has the capability of supporting the extensions, otherwise, it is sensible to find another option. Hair that is breaking, dry, or brittle is not ideal to undergo such treatment. Thus, taking proper steps to get back those healthy tresses is vital before pursuing a hair extension treatment.

Hair Extension Systems

Basically, there are two major classifications or categories of hair extension systems, based on the hair type and the attachment method. It is very important that you are aware of these systems before making a salon appointment with your hair stylist. It is also essential to consider the materials and tools used during the procedure. Hair experts claim that using superior hair has superior advantages since only a few salons can offer unique capabilities during a hair extension procedure.

Attachment Methods

There are several methods of attaching the hair extensions to the natural hair. The most commonly used method is through a clip-in, wherein the hair strands are fastened on the barrettes or hair slides, clipped on the natural hair, and can be detached. This method is simple and fast. The other method is known as ultrasound, wherein the hair strands are attached to the tiny keratin plates, briefly heated prior to bonding. This hair extension procedure results in more stable flat connections. Compressed air or a laser beam is also used during the attachment. This procedure is faster and cheaper than the ultrasound. Some hair salons offer shrinkies or Bellargo method, wherein the extensions are fastened through tiny pieces of tubing, requiring moderate heat and are believed to be gentle on the natural hair. However, this procedure should be repeated after 4 to 8 weeks.

Price Rates

The price rates of hair extension treatments vary from a salon to the other. The price will also depend on the number of attached hair strands, hair type, bonding method, and the stylist fee. With this in mind, it is very important to do a proper research and comparison among the reliable hair salons that are offering a hair extension procedure.

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