Hairstyles How-To with Rachael Finch

Going for a job interview can be daunting, especially when we know first impressions are everything. For a polished and chic look, up-dos are the perfect hairstyle that conveys a level of professionalism that can’t be ignored.

Luckily, looking the part is easy with Beauty Theory as it helps recreate the slickest interview looks with its extensive range of good quality beauty essentials, all under $25.

“An up-do is the ideal hairstyle for job interviews because you can give your hair that sophisticated, well-presented look without spending a lot of time styling it,” says Rachael Finch, Beauty Ambassador for Amcal and Guardian pharmacies. “As appearance is extremely important when going for job interviews, the idea behind your hairstyle is not to flaunt how creative your hairdressing skills are but to simply look polished and neat.”

Here’s how to get Rachael Finch’s favourite job interview looks:

Half Up Topknot

Blow-dry hair straight and use the Beauty Theory Large Detangler Hairbrush to get rid of knots.

Separate hair at the crown using the Beauty Theory Metal Tail Comb. Secure section with Beauty Theory Elastics.

Wrap the ponytail around the elastic and secure with Beauty Theory Bobby Pins.

Check the back of the style with a hand mirror and make sure all hairs are in place.

High Ponytail

Pull your hair up towards the crown. Don’t be afraid to go higher than you would normally!

Hold the ponytail in place with one hand and with the other hand, use the Beauty Theory Large Detangler Hairbrush to brush out any bumps to ensure a smooth finish.

Take the Beauty Theory Elastics and secure the ponytail into place. Grab a small section of hair and wrap it around the base of the ponytail for an elegant touch. Secure with Beauty Theory Bobby Pins.

Tip: For some added volume and texture, tease hair with the Beauty Theory Metal Tail Comb, gently combing hair upwards and towards the front.

Beauty Theory has you covered with the top beauty essentials to get Rachael Finch’s up-do looks:

Beauty Theory Elastics, 24 pack, RRP $5

These elastics are designed to not pull out, tangle or cause damage to your hair. You can style your hair or just pull it back and tie it up.

Beauty Theory Metal Tail Comb, RRP $3

This must-have tool features a tapered metal pin on one end to easily section and part hair. On the other end it features a fine tooth comb, perfect for hair teasing, colouring and removing fine knots.

Beauty Theory Small Detangler Hairbrush Black, RRP $8

Beauty Theory’s Small Detangle Hairbrush has widely spaced firm pins for detangling hair. The compact size makes it convenient for travel or storing in your handbag.

Beauty Theory Small Bobby Pins Brown, 50 pack, RRP $4

These small bobby pins keep every hair in place all day, every day. Beauty Theory Bobby Pins come in different sizes and colours to match all hair styles and shades.

Beauty Theory is available exclusively from Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies or online at

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