Head and Shoulders Apple Fresh Shampoo & Conditioner

Certain fragrances can trigger different emotions and memories in our daily lives, adding importance to how our everyday products smell.
New head & shoulders Apple Fresh shampoo and conditioner delivers powerful anti-dandruff action and superior cleaning performance while maintaining deliciously scented hair all day long.

head & shoulders Apple Fresh has collaborated with fragrance designers, perfumers and external fragrance houses to deliver a beautifully vibrant combination of crisp fruits, florals and clean musks, from ingredients including emerald apples, lilies and Asian pear.

Often, external elements including the use of everyday styling products, blow drying and exposure to pollution leave our hair feeling and smelling unpleasant. Dandruff and scalp issues can also affect hair's fragrance.

The Apple Fresh formulation works together with head & shoulders' powerful anti-fungal HydraZinc formula and new Pro-Clean technology to evoke an invigorating hair experience!

Head and Shoulders Apple Fresh Shampoo and Conditioner 200mL RRP: $5.99
P: 1800 028 280
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