Importance of Proper Licensure for Barbers and Hairdressers

Cosmetology is considered a blanket term that covers the many roles and services that barbers and hairdressers provide. Such profession if far from being limited to haircutting, cosmetology professionals also perform a good number of other tasks.

Totality of Services

As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) describes it, the services of such professionals include coloring hair, washing hair, and also conditioning hair. Adding to these services, such professionals are trained in inspecting clientele and are very much capable of recommending all kinds of treatments that would help in providing the needs of their clients.

Skills and Training

Professional barbers and hairdressers attended full-time programs at various cosmetology schools and institutions. Such programs are available at both private and public institutions that can last from nine months up to two years. These programs include both academic and practical work. The basic skills such individuals learn in the mentioned programs include cutting hair, giving shaves, trimming beards, and also developing habits involving safety and sanitation.

Additional Training Options

Aside from the learning and training on basic services, aspiring barbers and hairdressers can enroll additional classes like instrument care, anatomy, hygiene, chemistry, and also physiology. Online courses are also available that helps individuals that have busy schedules to prepare and achieve their dream careers and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

Proper Licensure

Individuals who graduate from such cosmetology schools or programs with a major in barbering or hairdressing must pass a practical and written state board exam with the aim of becoming a licensed professional. The written examination consists of multiple-choice tests that varies content depending on the state, while the practical exam consists of styling and hair cutting demonstrations either using a live model or a mannequin.

State Requirements

All the states require all practicing barbers to have proper licensure and certification but requirements may vary depending on the state’s preference. In selecting the right barber program or a cosmetology training school, it is important to take into consideration licenses earned. Bear in mind that some may be valid in one state but not in another. Aside from proper training, aspiring barbers and hairdressers should pay attention on acquiring proper licensure after graduation to be sure they are headed in the right direction in pursuing their chosen career.

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