Increasing Acceptance of Plastic Surgery for Men Today

Cosmetic or plastic surgery was considered before as options basically for women, but, the acceptance of plastic surgery for men increased dramatically over the past ten years. Like in almost all fields of medicine, cosmetic surgery underwent significant conceptual and technological changes in the past years. The changes altered how to approach aging in general, and such technological changes, increased the use of laser treatment or surgery and other minimally invasive techniques.

Increasing Acceptance

In 2003, approximately 13% plastic surgery for men were made from the total of eight million plastic surgery procedures achieved in the United States. Among the most cosmetic surgeries that were performed on men that year was involving gynecomastia reduction and also large male breasts.

Popular Men Plastic Surgery Procedures

1. Liposuction - Obesity today is being considered as one of the biggest problems society is facing when it comes to health. This is why it is not surprising that such liposuction procedures tops the list of most common plastic surgery for men. The cost of such procedures ranges from $2,000 up to $12,000 depending on the quantity of fat being removed.

2. Male Breast Reduction – Physical appearance of aging men is important, and having “man boobs” are considered by many men as a sign of aging. This is why many men also go for such procedures that can cause from $3,000 up to $6,000.

3. Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty) – Unlike with women, men would sometime like to lessen their nose’s appearance, and are willing to pay around $3,000 for almost $8,000 for such procedures.

4. Hair Transplants – Hair for men is a very obvious sign of age, health, and even stature. This is why even if less drastic measures like wigs or hair-in-a-can are available, many men still go for plastic surgery specifically hair transplants.

5. Teeth Procedures – Today, having pearly white teeth for men is also becoming very important. Porcelain veneers on teeth can cost from anywhere from $450 up to $2,500 for every tooth.

Self-confidence Improvement

The increasing acceptance of such cosmetic surgeries for men doesn’t mean that men are becoming consisted or are obsessed with attracting the opposite sex. Plastic surgery for men doesn’t only improve the overall appearance, but also help maintain and improve self-confidence.

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