JoBaz Hair Colour Remover and Everyday Straight Hair

Summer is the time when women do drastic things to their hair, whether it is a new hot colour or a more manageable style that isn’t prone to frizz and humidity.

According to leading hair care brand JoBaz, “the trend this summer is towards woman making bold moves with their hair color, going to the complete opposite end of the hair color spectrum. Also on the radar for the warmer months are woman with poker straight locks, which is a great look when trying to minimise frizz caused by the summer humidity”, says Andrea, JoBaz Resident Hair Expert.

JoBaz Hair Colour Remover
If you are looking to embark on a new summer hair colour think of JoBaz Hair Colour Remover, which is a simple and effective at home treatment for those wanting a dramatic colour revamp or returning to an old natural shade. JoBaz Hair Colour Remover works by shrinking the artificial dye molecules in the hair, allowing the colour to simply wash away and be re-coloured straight away.

Brown coloured hair on a Tuesday? No big deal. Back to blonde for New Years? Why not! Whether you're into a complete overhaul or just want to experiment with a subtle accent or two, there are endless ways to play with hot hues with JoBaz at your side.

JoBaz Everyday Straight Hair

Unless you’re just kicking back in the shaded VIP area all day, chances are you’ll be dancing (and sweating) up a storm come festival season, which can lead to some seriously messy hair. If you have curly hair that’s prone to frizz at the merest hint of humidity, we don’t blame you for coveting straighter locks.

Get festival ready and tame your unruly tresses with JoBaz Everyday Straight, which will leave you frizz free and able to enjoy any one of the myriad music festivals in the coming months without the straightening stress. Everyday Straight, a Japanese thermal straightening formula is infused with keratin to hydrate and strengthen hair and shield against humid weather, while soothing chamomile and nettle work to replenish lost moisture.

JoBaz Everyday Straight Hair and Hair Colour Remover are both available for a recommended retail price of $29.95 from Priceline, Woolworth, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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