Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Rinse / Staying Alive

For Kevin Murphy, hair is a person's ultimate weapon. It has the power to make or break an image or leave a lasting impression for all the right, or all the wrong reasons.

Kevin Murphy has travelled to the far corners of the earth including india, Asia and the Pacific Islands on a passionate quest for the purest (non-blended) Essential Oils for his products. The products that have resulted set a new standard in hair care and will enhance the way you maintain your most valuable weapon - your hair.

Angel Wash - Shampoo

A delicate recovery shampoo for fine, dry or broken coloured hair, wiht ingredients Aloe, Iris and Lavender gently protecting hair in a low-foam formulation, designed to cleanse without stripping. Angelica Root extract and essential oil of Grapefruit gently cleanse stressed-out hair. This shampoo is also suitable for fragile hair that has been affected by long-term medication. RRP $27.95

Angel Rinse - Conditioner

Extracts of Angelica Root, Mango Butter, Chamomile Extract and Milk Protein will moisturise fine and/or coloured hair without weighing hair down. This conditioner will also gently repair fine and fragile hair. RRP $29.95

Staying Alive

A unique leave in treatment/detangler (perfect for throwing in the handbag) as well as a herbal infusion for your hair. In a convenient spray pump, it contains honey and extracts of Ivy, Burdock, Iceland Moss, Olive Leaf, Coconut and Silk Proteins to smooth and repair damaged hair and keep it Alive; it is a perfect 'pick-me-up' for tired hair during the day. We especially love the essential oil of Black Pepper that gives the spray that unique scent. Staying alive contains no oil and is weightless, invisible and constantly repairs hair until washed out. RRP $29.95

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