KMS - Silker Therapy Plus

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A leave-in strengthening and smoothing treatment recommended for all hair types, especially for the most difficult of hair textures. The lightweight formula makes coarse, frizzy, and damaged hair, smooth and soft while at the same time, providing the overall protection it needs from damaging external elements.

Silker Therapy Plus contains a multi-molecular weight silicone blend which helps restore the structural integrity of damaged hair featuring cracked and raised cuticle surfaces making the hair porous. Silkier Therapy Plus contains ethyl ester of hydrolyzed silk, a source of amino acids, which penetrates the cuticle to strengthen the hair from within, while filling in damaged areas on the cuticle layer.

The therapeutic benefits of Silker Therapy Plus also alleviates split ends, by sealing them and making the hair more manageable and tactile to the touch. It also protects hair against UV, heat and environmental damage, all without the build-up often associated with leave-in treatments.

Primarily applied on damp hair and blow dried in, it can also be used on dry hair requiring added frizz or flyaway control, or to reduce excess volume.

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