Lalisse Skin Solutions

Lalisse identifies SPOTless skin solutions by using natural ingredients to fight pimples. The range incorporates a unique blend of herbs which penetrate deep into the infected area, working to eradicate problem skin. Skin types are categorised by the level of oil production within the skin's layers. Over productive sebaceous oil glands can lead to pimples and acne.

Lalisse prides itself on using natural ingredients to help reduce the appearance of pimples - fast! Working with the skin's natural repair functions, it is easy to use and boxed in classic unisex packaging. Lalisse is proudly Australian made and not tested on animals.

Lalisse Skin Serum No.1: RRP $19.95 for 5ml and RRP $39.95 for 10ml
The Serum, with roller ball tip, can be used up to three times per day and can be applied to any area where there is inflammation associated with acne / pimples or used as a spot application. For best results, clean the skin prior to application. Just a dab and in no time you'll be pimple free! It is also small enough to discreetly take it with you in your handbag or pocket!

Lalisse Skin Serum No.2: RRP $39.95 for 10ml
Designed for intensive use on serious acne only, Serum No.2 is for sufferers of acne where large pustules, infection and cysts are apparent on the face or back. Zap pimples with the Serum No.2, which will take effect in less than four days! Dominant ingredients in both serums include Ginkgo Seed, Chinese Angelica, powdered Pearlsand and Bitter Apricot Seed.

Lalisse Oil Control Cleanser: $16.95 for 100g
The best way to eliminate pollution from your skin is by cleaning it; the basis of any good skincare routine. Used daily, the Cleanser will help reduce acne and pimples by keeping the skin free from oil and dirt. The ingredients are non-aggressive so it won't dry out or irritate the skin. Your skin will be left bacteria free while redness and swelling will be reduced.

Lalisse Exfoliating Masque: $24.95 for 60g
Using natural plant collagens and herbal essences the masque gives the skin back its natural elasticity and moisture, whilst softening dead skin cells. Used weekly, the Masque can be rinsed off with water for gentle exfoliation or peeled off for a deep clean whilst promoting the skins natural defences against irritation and improving circulation. Getting into the nitty-gritty of the pimple, the Masque helps peel away any harmful impurities that may be imbedded in the skin.

Lalisse Oil Free Moisturiser: $29.95 for 50ml
This light Moisturiser combines natural plant extracts to help repair, calm and soothe the skin. It is oil free and will not clog pores, ultimately reducing the risk and severity of breakouts. With natural moisture binders, the Moisturiser will help control excess oil production whilst providing optimum hydration for your skin.

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