Laser Hair Removal Equals Permanent Hair Removal Method

Laser hair removal is perhaps the most permanent hair removal method around. Compared to tweezing, shaving, and waxing unwanted hair, the laser or pulse light method is more far-reaching and takes several sessions to totally remove the hair roots. In the United States alone, this method has been the most commonly opted by both men and women, although this technique is more costly than the other methods.

Preparations Needed

Before going through this permanent hair removal method, there are important things and considerations to keep in mind. Remember that a laser hair removal treatment is considered as a medical procedure, thus, relying on a trained professional is very crucial. Checking the credentials and licensure of the attending technician or doctor is similarly vital before an appointment. Experts strongly advise that electrolysis, waxing, and plucking must be limited or avoided before through a laser hair removal treatment.

Expectations and Benefits

This permanent hair removal method is ideal for many body parts, including the bikini line, legs, arms, underarm, face, and other areas. The best thing about this method is the precision as the equipment to be used can selectively target only the unwanted hair, while preserving the undamaged hair and skin. The speed and effectiveness of the laser can treat many hair follicles at once compared to plucking and waxing. Hair removal from the upper lip may require a minute or less, while hair removal from the back legs can be treated within an hour. The predictability of permanent hair loss or removal is also one of this technique’s benefits as studies show that 90% of patients notice permanent effects after 3 or 5 sessions.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal

A laser hair removal treatment is preferred by most people due to several reasons. Among the reasons include precision, speed, and predictability of the entire technique. It is also considered safe and more effective, as long as the technician or cosmetologist is properly trained and licensed. This method is also ideal for anyone, regardless the skin color and the preferred area for hair removal. Although it may require several sessions, take more time, and is more costly than other techniques, this permanent hair removal method has been proven and tested by many clients.

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