Lee Stafford Shine Head Spray Shine

Get that 'just-walked-out-of-a-salon' silky shiny sexy hair in seconds with Shine Head Spray Shine, the latest release from UK celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford.

Allow your hair to sparkle like a crazy diamond with Shine Head. Fresh from UK theatre openings and red carpet events, Lee Stafford has developed the perfect spray shine glamour hair spray that leaves your locks looking luscious, groomed and sexy in a matter of minutes.

We all want glistening hair like the Hollywood celebrities, Shine Head , gives you that sexy, shiny hair in an instant. Lee Stafford's Pink Range is a hair saviour and a must have for every bathroom.Not only do his products give you fantastic results, they also smell wicked. With a subtle fragrance boosted by a sweet scent of chocolate, caramel and raspberry, Shine Head is the newest haircare accessory of the season.

Like all products from his Pink Collection, Shine Head is quick and easy to use. Simply spray onto dry hair and viola? shiny, beautiful smelling hair. Deliciously packaged in its unmistakable hot pink packaging the Lee Stafford range offers a quick fix solution for every hair problem.

RRP: 200ml spray can (RRP $12.95) / 50ml can (RRP $4.95).
Shine Head and other products from Lee Stafford's Pink Range are available from all Priceline stores & Priceline Pharmacies & My Chemist. For your nearest stockist contact: 02 9836 1000
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