Long-lasting Hair Removal Treatment – Which Method to Choose

A long-lasting hair removal treatment is not always associated with pain. Today, there are several, painless and quick treatments in removing hair permanently, although some procedures and products may cause temporary discomfort. There are different options for this treatment, thus, choose the most appropriate option based on your personal choice.

Electrolysis Method

The electrolysis method is one of the most commonly-used in removing hair these days. This method is performed by a trained expert, placing tiny needles inside every hair follicle so as to destroy the root through an electric current. This technique provides a long-lasting hair removal treatment, although the process may take a long time. It is best for chin or upper lip areas, especially among those with blonde or white hair. This method may also require several sessions with one or two weeks interval until the hair is totally removed. After such treatment, the patient may experience side effects like scarring, swelling, and redness of the skin.

Shaving Method

The shaving method does not provide long-term effects compared to the electrolysis. However, this could be the easiest and most convenient hair removal technique. With only an electric shaver or a razor, people can perform this technique at the comfort of their homes. Hair shaving is usually done with wet skin and soap or shaving cream, and could be performed in any body part. However, it only last between two and 4 days.

Waxing Method

Moreover, the waxing method is yet another long-lasting hair removal treatment, which can also be a home-based treatment, although it is better left to the experts. Throughout this method, the cosmetologist will spread wax on the skin, cover it with cloth strips, and then pulled off along with the hair. Other waxing methods do not require cloth strips, and this procedure is ideal for any body part, including the bikini area, legs, underarms, and facial hair. This treatment lasts between 3 and 6 weeks, depending on the quality of the wax.

Laser Method

To date, the laser method or pulse light is perhaps the most effective and long-lasting hair removal method around. The hair roots are destroyed through the strong beams of light and are perfect for removing hair for women with both light and dark skin. The effects of this long-lasting hair removal treatment may require 6 to 12 sessions that also results to mild redness and swelling.

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