Macleans Tooth & Tongue Brush

Almost everyone has suffered from a case of bad breath before, including being on the receiving end of it! Macleans* Tooth & Tongue Brush, the very first toothbrush to truly combat bad breath.

A major cause of bad breath are the millions of bacteria that live on your tongue so it's just as important to clean your tongue regularly, as it is to clean your teeth. Up until now, ordinary toothbrushes have been designed to just clean your teeth and gums.

Now Macleans is the first to offer an innovative toothbrush with a unique dual-action head that thoroughly and effectively cleans your teeth, gums and your tongue. It removes five times more bacteria than normal teeth brushing , helping you to eliminate bad breath and keep your mouth feeling fresh for much longer.

In addition, the special cross-active cleaning bristles of the brush feature have been designed to ensure your teeth are also thoroughly cleaned while the flexible neck of the Tooth & Tongue Brush is gentle on gums.

Available through Supermarkets. RRP $4.29
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