Marc Daniels Flat Iron & Hair Styling Custard

MD Flat Iron is a lightweight, heat activated, styling cream that will instanteously lock your unruly hair into a chic style leaving it silky, shiny and straight until your next wash.

Tip: To smooth, protect and aid in the straightening process apply a small amount to hair and start straightening.

Marc Daniels Flat Iron
RRP: $7.99

MD Hair Styling Custard is designed to bulk up and fortify your hair. Create thicker, fuller hair that can be moved and moulded to suit your style or mood. Styling taken to the extreme, giving control where it is needed most.

Tip: Use your finger tips, twist and turn hair to build up a disheveled, layered effect.

MD Styling Custard
RRP: $8.99 (200ml)

Available from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy stores and selected independent Pharmacies nationwide. For stockists call 1800 052 844 or visit
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