Methods in Improving Body Function with Massage Therapy

One of the ancient ways in improving body function is a type of bodywork referred to as massage therapy. Such therapy is achieved by using the hands with different techniques that can manipulate the body’s soft tissues in order to promote improved circulation and also relaxation.

Basic Healthcare

Massage therapy is considered one of the most basic and the simplest practices in healthcare available. It basically stimulates the natural healing abilities of the body through kneading, stroking, and also hitting the body. This of course is only done with proper training and understanding of the essential principles of the human anatomy.

Power of Touch

All known massage techniques do involve touch in improving body function, which is an essential sensation that is linked to love, emotion, and comfort. In both young children and animals, touching, stroking and even rubbing is required to show affection that helps stimulate growth. It has also been proven that such touch therapy can affect adults also, primarily leading to the relief of stress and also relaxation

Natural Painkillers

When such soothing touch is carefully applied on the skin, certain messages are sent towards the brain that helps in relaxing body that lead to the release of endorphins, natural painkillers in the body.

Massage Therapy Types

There are many types of massage available today, and it may involve techniques like rubbing sore muscles or other methods for more specific conditions. The following are just some of the massage therapies available in improving body function in the U.S.:

1. Swedish Massage – One of the most common and preferred kind of massage therapy in the U.S. because of its very relaxing effect that is achieved with long and gentle kneading strokes that greatly reduces stress and improve circulation.

2. Shiatsu – This is a massage technique that originated from Japan’s bodywork form that helps stimulate similar meridians that are used by acupuncturists. This is by holding and pressing for a couple of seconds certain pressure points in order to increase Qi flow in the body.

Medical Benefits

Massage therapy promotes general health and also wellbeing, and can also prevent medical issues from happening. It is also used for stimulating the body’s lymphatic system that boosts the body’s immune system and also helps in getting rid of body toxins that helps in improving body function.

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