Micromatrix - Micro Peeling

A new skin cleansing cloth made of micro fibres (composed of 86 % polyester and 14% polyamide), which are much thinner than human hair, are able to reach deeper into skin pores. Making Micro Peeling Sensation ideal for sensitive skin, acne, and black head prone skin types. Removing hard skin and remnants of make-up gently to reveal younger looking skin.

Originally used in Germany by Dermatologists to help patients with acne prone skin, and dull, dry complexions. Although soft to the touch, these fibers effectively and gently clear away dead skin cell and help loosen clogged pores more effectively than a traditional wash cloth can.
It smoothly removes and takes care of horny skin cells even out of the finest pores, thereby stimulating blood circulation and rejuvenating your skin. Your complexion becomes smoother and more even. The cloth is washable and guaranteed for minimum 100 washes.

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