Napoleon - Chandelier Shine Nail Polish

Napoleon's famous "Chandelier Shine", the superb finish achievable with Napoleon's best selling Lip Lacquer collection, is now embraced in a new collection of nail polishes by the same name.

Chandelier Shine Nail Polish includes a dazzling range of thirty shades from the softest French cremes through to the most devilish of bright reds.

Each and every bottle of Chandelier Shine is custom mixed, individually filled and capped by hand to ensure the highest quality.

Chandelier Shine Nail Polish is formulated to a professional quality, superior to most formulations available at retail. It carries with it outstanding gloss properties, with a hardening capability which reduces chipping. And where application is everything, Chandelier Shine Nail Polish is made to a superb consistency which flows beautifully, maintaining its integrity in the bottle and actually improving over time owing to its unique suspension qualities.

Available through all Napoleon concept stores nationally, including David Jones stores and select beauty
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