Need to Know Information About the Gluten Free-Diet

On a gluten-free diet, a the person will refrain from eating food that contain gluten including some grains and all wheat products and this type of diet is often followed by individuals who have celiac disease as well as gluten allergies.

By description, gluten is a protein that is normally found in barley, rye and wheat giving elasticity to pizza dough and shape to bread. In a gluten free diet, all food that contain gluten must be avoided strictly by the dieter but what’s great news is that he/she can eat unprocessed fruits and vegetables, eggs, meats and dairy products because they are gluten-free naturally. To be specific on the gluten-free food that the dieter can eat, they are as follows:

Fresh fruits like melons, peaches, berries, pears, apples, bananas, tropical fruits and citrus fruits.

Fresh vegetables like artichokes, broccoli, asparagus, legumes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, eggplant, cucumber, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, squashes, mushrooms and okra.

Nuts and seeds in their natural form.

Poultry, meats and fish as long as they are not marinated or breaded.

Corn and rice

Distilled beverages

Who Should Follow a Gluten Free Diet?

It may sound pretty easy but the actual shift from the usual eating habit to this gluten-free diet is quite difficult since there are lots of restrictions on what you should and should not eat. Of course, once you get used to this type of eating, you’ll be able to adjust. Normally, the people who need to go on this kind of diet are those who have celiac disease and gluten sensitivity or intolerance.

Celiac disease is a hereditary disorder that it a result of the damage to the small intestine lining after eating food with gluten. Most of the time, the gluten-free diet is prescribed by the doctor in order for the injury of the lining of the small intestine to be treated.

Gluten intolerance means that a person is not able to tolerate food items which contain the protein hence the prescription of this diet as a step towards treating the allergy or sensitivity.

Thanks to the significant improvements in the way food is prepared these days and the availability of many food choices in the market because now, it’s no longer difficult to find gluten-free diet products. If you have gluten intolerance or if you are trying to treat your celiac disease, follow this type of diet and be able to deal with the problem.

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