New generation Pantene Pro-V

Introducing new generation Pantene- featuring a new lightweight formula, a stylish new look and the new Night Miracle Leave on Crème Serum.
The new recharging Pro-Vitamin formula targets the most damaged parts of your hair to help strengthen from root to tip. Packed full of moisturisers, it works to leave hair soft, manageable and strong against damage, yet not weighed down.
The Pantene Night Miracle Leave On Crème Serum is the first overnight treatment in the range which delivers up to eight hours of continuous repair while you sleep.
Its lightweight formula absorbs into the core of the hair and helps repair damage, without leaving visible residue on your pillow.
Extensive testing of the new products revealed that:
  • New Pantene shampoos do not redeposit the dirt and soil on the hair due to a more balanced formula
  • New Pantene shampoo was found to be better cleaning.

    Tony Pearce, Pantene Specialist Trichologist says, "During the evening hours we can unknowingly subject our hair to damage via the use of air conditioners or heaters. Anything that brings down the humidity can cause your skin and hair to dry out. Hair, unlike skin, cannot regenerate and this is why it is so important to protect it."
    Barney Martin, Pantene Expert stylist says, "I've tried and tested the new Pantene Shampoos and Conditioners over the past few weeks and there is definitely a noticeable change in the formula. From applying the products to blow drying, you can really feel and see the difference. It's so much lighter and I'm happy to see that the conditioning benefits are better than ever."
    Dr Jasmine Karsono, Principle Pantene Scientist explains, "In order to provide an outstanding and innovative product that performs better than our previous formula, we undertook a variety of tests. We also conducted research to ensure our new formulations were meeting the ever changing needs of women."

    Shampoo and Conditioner, RRP: $7.99
    Night Miracle Leave ON Crème Serum, RRP $9.99
    Available now from supermarkets, specialty stores and pharmacies nationally. Stockist: 1800 028 280
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