NIVEA CELLular Anti-Age Collection

NIVEA has launched CELLular Anti-Age – the new face care product range designed to stimulate cellular vitality and help women rediscover the feeling of youthful looking skin.

Using NIVEA’s 100 years of skincare expertise and tested with over 8,500 women, the new NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age collection is one of NIVEA’s most advanced formulas ever. Developed for consumers who have high expectations from a performance anti-age product, NIVEA Cellular Anti-age answers their needs by containing a unique, advanced formula that works in harmony with the skin to help skin cells behave younger and reignite skin’s youthful look.

“At NIVEA, we know that today’s women want to embrace the positivity and beauty in ageing by using products which enhance, not cover their skin and make them feel confident in their skin,” said NIVEA Skin Expert, Robyn Hutch.
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