Nu:u Detox shampoo

Why use a detox shampoo?

Hair that refuses to cooperate when styling or looks limp and dull even after cleansing could be suffering from product build-up.

Styling products contain ingredients called 'polymers' that stick to the hair. Some polymers are very durable and regular shampoos are not strong enough to remove them. Over time they build up on the hair, causing it to become dull, lank and difficult to style. The hair has other natural enemies such as environmental pollutants - chlorine and minerals in hard water.

The hair cuticle has a positive(+) electric charge. Styling product, minerals and other impurities that are negatively(-) charged cling to the hair, interfering with the application of hair colour and deep conditioning treatments.

The cleansing agents in detox shampoos work by neutralizing the bonds created when styling products, hard water minerals and other environmental pollutants build-up on the hair. They gently insert positive molecules to force the negatively charged particles to release from the hair, ensuring a clean, unobstructed cuticle.

The latest generation of detoxing shampoos break these ionic bonds without removing the hair’s natural sebum or colour molecules.

nu: start detox shampoo contains a combination of four unique cleansing agents to put product build-up and environmental pollutants in their place - down the drain.

RRP $18.50 for 250ml.
nu:u is available from all good hair salons nationwide. Call 1300 88 02 09 for stockist details. Check out for all the latest info.
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