Pantene Anti Ageing Haircare

Pantene has conducted research into the effects of environmental and chronological damage on hair and found that hair health and condition directly contribute to hair ageing. To help fight the ageing process, Pantene has developed the Pantene Pro-V Time Renewal range to restore the look and feel of younger hair.

Hair grows approximately 1-2cm per month, so hair that is shoulder length is about 2 years old. Over two years, hair is exposed to a range of stresses including:
  • Washing hair every 2 days, equates to 356 washes (even washing can cause friction between the strands)
  • Blow drying hair twice a week, hair strands will be blow dried 208 times
  • Colouring every 8 weeks, leaves the hair exposed to 13 colour treatments
  • During the summer months, exposure to heat, humidity, UV intensity, chlorine, and salt water can add up to 24 weeks of environmental damage

    The Pantene Pro-V Time Renewal range hydrates tired and dull strands, helping to restore shine and radiance. Time Renewal Shampoo cleanses and conditions even after the hair is dry thanks to intensive conditioning ingredients that are deposited on the hair strand as the product is rinsed. Time Renewal Conditioner deposits evenly on damaged areas, restoring the hair so that it appears smooth, shiny and younger looking.

    Also new to the range, Pantene Pro-V Time Renewal Shine & Fortifying Tonic, a non-sticky tonic that helps turn back the clock on years of colouring, blow drying and styling. Pantene's Time Renewal Shine & Fortifying Tonic works to renew hair shine and brilliance in dry, brittle aged hair by providing an extra burst of protective and nourishing conditioners. The tonic can be used after shampooing and conditioning to further seal in moisture, or as a refresher in between washes.

    Pantene Time Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner 400ml RRP $11.99
    Pantene Time Renewal Shine & Fortifying Tonic RRP $11.99

    Pantene Pro-V Time Renewal range is available from all leading mass stores and pharmacies. For stockist enquires: 1800 028 280
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