Pantene Clinicare Collection

Pantene and Wella have collaborated to redefine the art of haircare by creating the one month ritual of Pantene Clinicare. Designed as a holistic approach, the one month ritual brings about a complete hair transformation by targeting the most challenging hair issues, such as ageing hair, while delivering an indulgent haircare experience.

The Clinicare Micro-Repair Revitalising Collection
The Micro---Repair Revitalizing ritual revitalizes chemically stressed and damaged hair and revives radiance and resilience, by introducing a protective coating on the hair fibre. Hair feels replenished with softness and feels light and supple with a lustrous shine.

Cleanse & Moisture:
The indulging experience begins with Micro-repair Revitalising Shampoo, which addresses the accumulated damage on hair as it cleanses
Micro-repair Revitalising Conditioner gently envelops hair and provides a boost of conditioning nourishment while shielding it from further damage

Give hair a weekly pampering treat with a deeply nourishing treatment
The Micro-Repair Revitalising Rinse Off Treatment, with its rich, creamy formula, delivers an intensive dose of conditioning ingredients to hair - restoring its shine, smoothness and moisture level.

Complete the ritual with Micro-Repair Revitalising Luminizing Elixir
This leave-on treatment quickly penetrates into damaged hair, targeting the most damaged areas and further protecting hair. This nourishing, daily use replenishing essence also restores hair's vitaloity immediately upon application, leaving it feeling smooth and soft.

Availability and Pricing of Micro-Repair Revitalising Ritual:
Micro-Repair Revitalising Shampoo, 250mL RRP $14.99
Micro-Repair Revitalising Conditioner, 250mL RRP $14.99
Micro-Repair Revitalising Rinse Off Treatment, 5 x 15mL RRP $19.99
Micro-Repair Revitalising Luminizing Elixir, 30mL RRP $19.99

Pantene Clinicare is available from the Coles Beauty aisle.
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