Quick Tips to Maintain Your Eyelash Extensions

Nowadays, eyelash extensions are popular salon services, that basically thickens and lengthens your natural eyelashes. These products are single, synthetic strands, curved to replicate the natural ones. Each extension is applied to the natural eyelash individually so as to achieve a more natural and luscious look. Lash extensions are ideal either for daily wear or during special events.

Effects After Application

As long as the eyelash extensions are properly applied, it will look and feel naturally. Thus, the eyelash artist should be applying the extensions carefully and one-by-one to the natural lashes. Once this is done, no one will ever suspect you’re wearing them. After all, this is what the service is all about.

Lifespan of Lash Extensions

You may wonder how long the eyelash extensions would last. Again, it will depend on how it was applied. In fact, the lifespan of extensions can last the same as the natural growth cycle of natural lashes. However, experiences may differ based on your daily activities; although a specialized waterproof glue is used in the application. Also, the bonding agent does not contain any irritants or fumes, and will still last longer.

Is Touch-ups Necessary?

Eyelash experts still recommend tough-ups once in a while, usually every two or 3 weeks. Longer than that period might cause the extensions to fall out, requiring another full set. The natural growth cycle of lashes takes between 45 and 60 days, thus, a new application of eyelash extensions is necessary. Excessive exposure to steam and frequent touching of the eyes may also cause the extensions to fall out earlier. A touch-up does not always mean a full set, but the artist can only fill in the fallen lashes. Touch-ups take about 45 minutes or so.

Do’s and Don’ts

Having lash extensions may hinder you from doing some specific things, although there’s not much you cannot do while it’s on. You can still apply mascara like before. However, once you have the extensions, you’ll notice that you really do not need the application. Having lash extensions is like wearing mascara. But if you wish to, make sure you’ll be wearing a water-based product. You can also swim, go to a spa, and exercise with your extensions on, but make sure not to wash your eyes about two or 4 hours after application. The use of eyelash curlers is not recommended when you’re wearing eyelash extensions.

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