RUSKĀ® Styling Collection

Super styling products now have superpowers. Introducing the new RUSK® Styling Collection - combining shine, strength and colour protection benefits with superhero performance.

Developed to captivate professional stylists, hair artists and style obsessed product junkies, the new RUSK® Styling Collection is all about the hold. Choose long-lasting ‘medium hold’ to inject texture, shape and grip, or dial up the hold factor with ‘extreme hold’ for those gravity defying styles which require superhero strength all-day.

The Rusk Superpower Secret

Hipsters can now get a quinoa kick from more than just their breakfast bowl with the RUSK® unique Style + Strength Complex ™ (Hydrolyzed Quinoa, Silk Amino Acids and Hydrolyzed Keratin) which penetrates deeply into the cortex helping to form a barrier against environmental stresses - retaining moisture and leaving hair looking and feeling smooth and silky.

Derived from nature’s superfood, Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein provides superior styling and healthy hair benefits, offering a unique combination of molecular weight amino acids and enhanced penetration for hair nourishment along with film forming activity for greater repair, hydration, and shine.

Quinoa protein saves the day providing protection, repair, and moisturisation through enhanced hair penetration, increased damage repair and cuticle protection.

A Superstylin' Line Up

Medium Hold:
PASTE - A styler with shape-shifting superpower, RUSK® Paste has got some special effects too - breaking into fibers when you clap your hands together. Use on wet or dry hair with a fibrous web-like texture, ideal for textured looks and changeable styles. Pliable enough to form, lift, separate and define. Flake-Free.

TEXTURE - Volume without the helmet hair! Maintain hair’s natural sway and movement whilst adding texture, shape and grip to create instant volume and fullness. Spray in short bursts on roots or entire head to achieve a flexible, finished hold. Talc-Free. Flake-Free.

Strong Hold:
PUTTY – Show hair who’s boss. RUSK® Putty provides flexible texture, definition and added thickness, keeping hair under control all day long without stiffness. RUSK® Putty can even withstand the workout challenge and won’t sweat off under pressure. Crunch-Free. Flake-Free.

Extra Strong Hold:
GLUE – With stamina that can hold up a ‘hawk’ but easily washes off hands. Defy gravity with firm, yet flexible hold – even in high humidity. Hair looks and feels thicker. RUSK® Glue amps-up hair and won’t let any style down. Flake-Free.

Extreme Hold:
FREEZING SPRAY – A freezing spray that will stop any rogue strands in their tracks. A quick-dry, humidity resistant hairspray that provides powerful shape, definition and shine for all day extreme hold with superhero strength.

All products in the RUSK® Styling Collection are priced at RRP $29.95 and are available now
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