Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Range

So much more than a hair colour, blonde is a statement and an attitude. From dark blonde to platinum, every blonde is different and anyone who has gone blonde knows that not only do blondes have more fun, but they are also likely to have the best hair in the room! But to keep it that way, blondes need expert, tailored care – which is possible at home, thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME.

The only professional expert brand dedicated to blondes, the Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME range offers an unrivalled range of care for blondes. Relaunching in May 2014, the iconic BLONDME range brings with it new hero products and revolutionary care for the fair-haired, catering for cool and warm blondes with separate product offers designed to make you the best blonde you can be.

From the Keratin Restore Shampoo and Conditioner to a Shine Enhancing Spray Conditioner containing golden shimmer pigments, all blondes will benefit from boosted luminosity. Cool-icy or warm caramel shades of blonde are enhanced and refreshed by special shampoos, such as the Color Enhancing Shampoo Cool-Ice or Rich-Caramel and the new Color Correcting Spray Conditioner Cool-Ice instantly neutralizes unwanted yellowish tinges for a perfectly clear, cool-icy blonde that lasts until the next salon visit.

Australia’s BLONDME Ambassador, award winning stylist Dee Parker from Wieselmann of Toorak, says, “Blonde is simply iconic. For me, blondes are like diamonds as they have so many facets. Blonde is an attitude and I just love everything about blondes. Blondes have a certain charisma that people aspire to and I think everyone secretly wants to be blonde.

Accompanying the BLONDME products are four blonde looks created in collaboration with International Global Ambassador for the BLONDME range, Kim Vo. Kim is a self confessed blonde addict and Hollywood based celebrity colourist. Naming famous blondes such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson as clients, Kim was hooked on blonde after working on his first blonde celebrity client - Pamela Anderson – and has created four types of blondes that embody the hottest blonde looks in Hollywood:

Prime Blonde: For 1st time blondes turning up the glamour. “I created the perfect blonde result on a 1st time blonde working with multi-tonal reflexes to keep it natural but head-turning.

Blonde make-over: For all blondes aspiring to perfection. “With blondes hairdressers often face colour correction challenges – the secret: you need to treat roots, mid-lengths and ends separately for an even and smooth result for a supreme blonde look.”

Pastel Blonde: For blondes wanting a pastel twist. “I always ask my clients do you want to whisper, talk or shout – this ultra blonde look with pastel highlights can do it all.”

Blondré: For newbies testing blonde waters. “To lighten the brown base, I used one of my signature techniques, a mixture of blonde highlights and Ombré for a perfect sunkissed look. Or, how I like to call it: Blondré!”

Which means that everyone has the perfect reason – and inspiration! – to go blonde!

BLONDME hair care range:

Keratin Restore Blonde Shampoo (All Blondes) 250 ml, $29.95 (RRP)

Keratin Restore Blonde Conditioner (All Blondes) 200 ml, $29.95 (RRP)

Keratin Restore Blonde Mask (All Blondes) 200 ml, $29.95 (RRP)

Shine Enhancing Spray Conditioner 150 ml, $29.95 (RRP)

Color Enhancing Blonde Shampoo (Cool-Ice) 250 ml, $29.95 (RRP)

Color Correcting Spray Conditioner (Cool-Ice) 150 ml, $29.95 (RRP)

Color Enhancing Blonde Shampoo (Rich-Caramel) 250 ml, $29.95 (RRP)

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