Scunci Hair Lifting Comb

Want Big Hair?
If you're looking for a way to give your hair a little extra volume in seconds, the Scunci Hair Lifting Comb won't let you down.

The comb features two sets of different types of teeth. The inner teeth are designed to gently lift the hair to create volume just where you need it, while the outer teeth smooth edges for precise, detailed styling.

Run the comb through your hair right before you walk out the door in the morning or better yet; keep the comb in your handbag, take it anywhere and make sure your hair has volume all day long.

The Scunci Hair Lifting Comb is priced at $5.95 RRP, and is available for purchase at Target. Alternatively you can call (02) 9698 7733 or visit

A must have, this comb is an essential item for adding volume and creating styles effortlessly.
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