Scunci Look - Emma Stone

Standing out at this year's Met Gala, Emma Stone looked absolutely gorgeous with a sensational up-do. Dressed in a flirtatious red Lanvin dress, Emma's hair followed the same youthful and vivacious feel with an effortless bun and side swept bangs.

Scunci shows us how easy it is to recreate Emma's voluminous style with a selection of NEW products.
Start the look with clean, damp hair and use a hairdryer to blow out the hair. Once your hair is dry, roughly tease the roots of your hair using the Scunci Lift and Style Comb.
Then, messily gather your hair into a high ponytail. Secure with a Scunci Beautiful Blends Hair Elastic, letting the front and side pieces around the hairline loosely fall out. Using the Scunci Lift and Style Comb gently tease the roots of the ponytail to add extra volume, and then loosely pin hair into an undone bun shape, using the Scunci Grooming Bobby Pins.

Gently swoop bangs across the forehead or if you don't have bangs, swoop the front pieces of your hair across and secure them with the feminine and NEW Scunci Diamante Hair Clips. To finish the look, spritz the hair with a flexible hold hairspray.
Tip: Crisscrossing bobby pins will provide extra hold to your hair.

You can purchase the Scunci Lift and Style Comb for $5.95, the Scunci Beautiful Blends Hair Elastics (in blonde and brunette) for $8.95, the Scunci Grooming 90p bobby pins (in blonde, brunette and black) for $6.95 and the Scunci Diamante 2p hair clips for $7.95.

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