Scunci Look - The Voice

Celebrate NEW Scunci products with a look at some of the talented artists from hit TV show The Voice.

The Voice is fast becoming Australia's most watched show and not just for their talent but for their styling too! These fab hairstyles were rocked out by Sarah Da Bono and Prinnie Stevens on Monday the 4th of June's night show. Both styles can easily be achieved with Scunci's NEW Foam Rollers and Hair Lifting Comb.

To achieve Sarah's effortless curls all you have to do is separate your slightly damp hair into sections, holding the Foam Roller at the end of the section simply roll up to your scalp. For the best results, let your hair dry naturally with the rollers or if you're in a rush simply blow dry until you're satisfied.

For Prinnie's 'don't-mess-with-me' look simply follow the same instructions as Sarah's killer curls but instead of letting them loose tighten them into a super high pony. The best method of approach is to secure the pony tail with Scunci's Evolution No Slip Grip Elastics which will keep your hair place all day long. To ensure your hair remains curled throughout the day back comb it through with Scunci's Hair Lifting Comb, creating some much needed volume!

You can purchase the Scunci 4p Foam Rollers for $12.95, the Hair Lifting Comb for $5.95 and Scunci 14p Evolution Elastics for $8.95. For full stockist details, you can call 1800 242 848 or visit
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