Scunci Topsytail

Remember this nostalgic hair tool? We sure do!

As we’re all celebrating the spring, what better time to experiment with some beach-worthy styles using the classic topsytail…

1. To create a look all you need to do is gather your hair into a pony tail, leaving two front sections loose for the braids
2. Secure the main pony tail with a Scunci hair elastic at the nape of your neck
3. Place the Topsy Tail, (loop side up) through the ponytail, behind the elastic and thread the ponytail up and through the loop
4. To add braid detail take the two sections from the front which you left, braid and tuck them loosely into the pony tail
5. To add texture, backcomb the ends, add some product or pin the loose hair up into a messy bun

RRP $9.95
Includes the large topsytail, topsytail junior and three no damage elastics.

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