Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Spray

With summer fast approaching, it is time to lap up the beautiful Australian sun without worrying about the damage and distress it causes to our hair. To counter this problem, Australian natural hair care brand Seven Wonders has launched a new Moroccan Treatment Spray which can be carried in a handbag all summer long.

The Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Spray was developed from the success of the Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Oil and now the same benefits of hydrating and nourishing hair can be applied without leaving hands feeling greasy! Perfect for humid summer days which can cause hair to frizz; the convenient spray can be carried around in a bag and applied whilst out and about.

The Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Spray has a lighter formulation than the original Moroccan Treatment Oil, making it ideal for thinner or shorter hair.

The Moroccan Treatment Spray uses only organic Argan oil and is free from harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulphates. Through harnessing the incredible power of Argan oil, the Moroccan Treatment Spray hydrates, protects, enhances and nourishes the hair to leave a beautiful shine without any greasiness.

Seven Wonders Moroccan Range is also ideal for oily hair types. "Many people with oily hair think they cannot use Moroccan Treatment oil," says Mark Baker, Co-owner of Seven Wonders. "Because Argan oil has an oil balance feature, it is able to hydrate dry hair and spread and balance excess in oily hair, leaving a shine without any greasiness," says Mark.

The Moroccan Treatment Oil spray revitalises hair, especially during the summer months and can be applied as often as desired to damp or dry hair. "I recommend applying the Moroccan Oil Treatment Spray to damp hair before blow drying and to dry hair, particularly when the weather is humid, to avoid frizz," says Mark. "It provides a quick shine and is useful as a thermal protector before using a styling iron or blow dryer".

RRP $34.95 - 125ml Moroccan Oil Treatment Spray
The Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil range is available at health food stores and pharmacies nation wide, see for a full list of stockists.
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