The Hair Care Products to Get Your Locks in Shape This Spring

If you’re anything like us – you’re always in a bit of a hair romance. But when your hair is feeling a little dry and limp after winter, all you want to do is curl up, eat a box of chocolates and watch Bridget find her man. Just like that summer bod, you might think you’ve got plenty of time to sort your locks out for Summer, but the sooner you start working on getting them into shape, the better.

We understand you might not have time to pop into your nearest Price Attack salon for a trim and in-salon treatment, so their expert stylists have given us the lowdown on how you can give those locks the post-winter love they deserve. Can we get an amen?

Leave home flawless with the help of AG Hair Reconstruct Mask

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself kind of gal, then give this super simple hair hack a go.

To get your hair feeling silky smooth from home, try the AG Hair Reconstruct Mask. This intensely rich and luxurious conditioning treatment reconstructs extremely dry, damaged and chemically treated hair, restoring your hair’s elasticity to its natural bounce.

Packed with keratin amino acids, silk proteins and chea butter, Reconstruct is the ultimate go-to treatment for hair that needs a serious boost. This little secret will repair the structure of your hair and rejuvenate the scalp, leaving hair soft, radiant and full of life. Say hello to “Becky with the good hair”.

Add the flare back in your hair with The Keratin Repair

Prepare to fall even more in love with your hair thanks to The Keratin Repair.

Since keratin is the primary building block of the hair cuticle, bringing keratin back into the hair is the only way to repair it after the dry and damaging winter weather.

The Keratin Repair is formulated specifically with an abundant amount of keratin to make hair visibly stronger, shinier and healthier with each use. Keratin penetrates the hair cuticle and bonds to the brittle, broken scales helping to restore strength and moisture, and prevent further damage. The Keratin Repair can be used daily as a reparative and preventative treatment. The best part? You can never use too much!

To use, simply massage into clean, damp hair. Let sit for 2-5 minutes, or for a more intensive treatment, wrap hair and put under heat for 10-15 minutes. Comb through. Rinse.

If soft, healthy hair is your ultimate goal this Spring/Summer, look no further than AG Hair Reconstruct Mask and The Keratin Repair. Add these two hair essentials to your regime and you’ll be waving good-bye to frizzy, brittle strands and welcoming luscious looking locks this season.

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