Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage – Are They Different or the Same?

Many people always get confused differentiating a therapeutic and deep tissue massage. Basically, a therapeutic massage treatment describes the massage method being used, which is usually associated with reducing stress, relieving pain, and working on other specific problems. Meanwhile, a deep tissue massage is stronger, stimulating the blood circulation and breaking down scar tissues. The registered therapist will help in determining which method will work best based on the need of a client.

Therapeutic Massage Types

A deep tissue massage is a kind of a therapeutic massage, but is not the same in several aspects and methods. It is very crucial to understand the differences between a therapeutic and deep tissue massage so as you know what to get from a certain spa. Aside from the deep tissue massage, there are other types of therapeutic massage treatment, including the neuromuscular, myofacial, sports massage, and the trigger point therapy. Some spa establishments may offer all kinds of therapeutic treatments, although others focus on a specific type. Nonetheless, it is also vital to differentiate these sub-types of therapeutic massage treatments in order to satisfy the body’s needs.

Main Goal of Therapeutic Massage

The main goal of therapeutic massage treatment, including that of the deep tissue massage is to achieve therapeutic benefits. This type of massage entirely differs from relaxation massage therapies, although it could also be relaxing. The end part is not mainly relaxation, but a treatment plan for a certain health condition or complaint. Therapeutic and deep tissue massage therapies focus on loosening stiff muscles, improving muscle tone as well as enhancing flexibility. It is likewise used as supplements for injury and wound care, including cancer care.

How Is This Performed?

Therapeutic massage therapies are performed by registered or licensed massage therapists, and can be beneficial to all ages. But it is also crucial to consult with a health care professional prior to any massage treatments as these may cause contraindications to some health conditions. Moreover, therapeutic massages are performed while the client is nude, draped, dressed, or anything based on the client’s comfort level, and on a massage bed along with necessary tools and essential oils. Differentiating a therapeutic and deep tissue massage is as important as discussing with the therapist any problem or health condition so as to address the issue in the most appropriate way.

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