Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner

This shampoo contains tea tree oil that removes and prevents dandruff without causing irritation to hair or scalp.
Contains Tea Tree Oil - Helps remove build-up and chemical residues which can cause dandruff
Helps to control the micro-organisms which can cause itchy flaky scalp
Plant Derived Ingredients - Suitable for Vegans
Safe for use by the whole family
This shampoo contains tea tree oil to gently but effectively control dandruff and flaky itching scalp. It first cleanses the hair and scalp of existing dandruff, and then helps to control the micro-organisms that causes dandruff or flaky scalp.

Tea tree oil has solvent properties and may cause tinted hair to fade faster than normal.

RRP: $11.99

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Conditioner The Original Tea Tree Conditioner has a low irritant, high shine formulation ideal for normal and frequently washed hair, and for ‘sensitive’ scalps. It contains Tea Tree Oil which improves hair and scalp health. There are no harsh chemicals so it's safer for daily use by the whole family. It won’t leave chemical residues that cause build-up. pH-balanced formula for optimal conditioning. A natural conditioning agent imparts high shine and improved manageability to all hair types

RRP: 10.50
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