Urban Hair Style

Texture Junk - Styling paste for natural texture & control
Mould or shape your hair into any style you want with Urban Texture Junk fo rmaximum texture and control. Rub through dry hair for a natural texturised look.
RRP: $10.99

Surfer Wax- Hard wax for raw matte texture
Wax up your head with Urban Surfer Wax for hair. This super concentrated hard wax creates raw matte texture with a super firm grip that lasts. Rub all over your hair like a board wax or apply to your hands and shake it up for a 'beach hair' look.
RRP: $10.99

Sea Salt - Testurising spray for raw 'beach hair'
Get that beach lovin' feeling with Urban Sea Salt tropic coconut mist. Spray in and scrunch it up for that messy 'out of the surf' sexy beach hair look or blow-dry in and pump up the volume for loads of natural texture and oomph.
RRP: $10.99

Texture Blaster - Texture and hold for styles that last
Blast your hair with texture, wihout the stickiness of a paste. Urban Texture Blaster allows you to create, shape and hold your style with this super flexible aerosol. Spray in and mess it up for maximum texture for spray all over to lock in your style.
RRP: $10.99

Dry Shampoo - Brush and go waterless shampoo
Save time and freshen up your hair between shampoos with Urban Dry Shampoo. Special micro-powders are designed to clean the hair of natural dirt and oils leaving it healthy and revitalised without the need fro water. Spray all over or on fringe area only, wait for 2 minutes, then brush thoroughly to remove the powder residue from the hair.
RRP: $10.99
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