Urban Rocker Wax & 24hr Conconut Rush Power Gel

Get the Edge with Urban

Hit the streets with the hottest hair this summer with new Rocker Wax and 24HR Coconut Rush Power Gel from Fudge's trendsetting sub-brand, Urban.

No Matter how you work your spike it, slick it, mess it up or control it the unique invisible hold of 24HR Coconut Rush Power Gel leaves hair feeling soft and scented with cocolicious fragrance. No more crunch, just a soft natural finish and feel. Rub through wet or dry hair and texturise to get the edge you want.

Flip the swing lid on the Rocker Wax tin, scoop and style and you're ready to rock'n'roll. The easy-to-use soft wax in enticing sweet'n'spicy 'Dark Desire' scent uses a unique reworkable formula allowing you to remodel your look from day to night; simply re-texturise with your fingers or add in some extra product for rockstar steady spikes.

Urban Rocker Wax
RRP: $9.99

Urban 24hr Conconut Rush Power Gel
RRP: $4.99
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