VS Sassoon Big Hair Hot Rollers

If the recent Awards Season proved one thing, it's that big hair is still fun, fashionable and here to stay! Frieda Pinto stole the show at the Golden Globes with her big bountiful semi up do whilst Nicole Kidman, Elle Macpherson and the always breath-taking Selma Hayek kept it down and dramatic at many of the award ceremonies and after parties with their interpretations of this oh-so-cool trend.

To go BIG and create soft waves and curls, or simply to create voluptuous volume to your hair then get hold of VS Sassoon's new Big Hair Hot Rollers! The Big Hair Hot Rollers set features five extra large rollers for creating root lift and body with five super clips to secure the rollers. The Big Hair Hot Rollers is the ideal styling tool for creating soft waves and curls or adding volume to hair to create fullness and body as you style. The results? Frizz-free, flowing big hair curls which can be styled loosely into wavy, relaxed locks, or go bigger and bouncier with more crafted curls. Either way, you will be sure to have fun and turn heads!

To use follow these simple steps:
Simple divide your hair into sections.
Roll each section onto a Big Hair Hot Roller.
Secure in place with a super clip
Release after the recommended setting time, and let those big hair curls free to bounce!

Unique Features:
5 extra-large 38mm rollers are essential to help create root lift and vaa-vaa volume!
Flocked rollers for added style control and helps keep each individual roller in place.
Five super clips to secure hair in place.
Heat ready indicator on centre roller, which turns white when the rollers are ready to use.
Conveniently housed within the compact thermal case.

VS Sassoon Big Hair Hot Rollers
Model VS3038A
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